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Cyber security, compliance, and debugging are byproducts of what dzAudit does, which is to command and control events for conformity with business processes to achieve specific results.

dzAudit is a tool for organizations to create applications that manage and enforce State Machine Automation in real time.


5GL Visual Language of Logic

dzAudit lets you and your team easily create programs using a new 5th Generation Language (5GL), a visual language of logic that copes with any set of procedures that are clearly defined and lets the computer follow your instructions faithfully. 

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Instantiation - Design to Working Program

dzAudit automates instantiation, which is the process of turning a design into a working program.  To do so, it first needs business process maps like the one to the right.


Process Discovery Module - A Reverse Engineering Tool

The first step in the instantiation process is development of business process maps.

Process Discovery, integrated into dzAudit, is a tool that helps users reverse engineer the relationships between events on the message bus and business processes to produce business process maps for upload into dzAudit.

Process Discovery significantly reduces the time and resources required to manually map network and legacy network business processes.

Dynamic White Listing Plus Deep Message Inspection

Once process maps are uploaded, dzAudit automatically creates a dynamic white list of events, then checks message packet header information in terms of address, timing, sequence, duration, guard states, and other logical conditions to identify anomalous events on the bus, so the user can manage those events in real time (operational performance, security, compliance, network hygiene, . . .)

As with any alert system today, dzAudit software can be programmed to alert operators to anomalies in a variety of ways.  The software could even be programmed to take specific remedial actions if your team decides that’s the best approach for your specific process.


State Machine Automation


dzAudit Introduction Video


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