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Cyber Intrusion Detection-5GL Module

Ironhawk Innovation


Ironhawk Technologies, Inc. has integrated the dzAudit platform into their SmartSync® DCS Enterprise suite to assure robust intrusion detection across all content management cycles, as they rapidly compress, transport, and synchronize business critical and decision critical data in volume. 


Ironhawk developed their cyber security application, "Cyber Intrusion Detection - 5GL (5GL SmartCIDS™)," using their engineered Operational Workflows and the dzAudit Automated Code Free Integration Development Platform, to define user, system, utility and application events (OSI model L-7) in the context of correct operations. 


5GL SmartCIDS™ checks authentication of utility service events, application and user generated events at machine speed, and stops intrusion events that do not belong in the workflow.


Ironhawk Technologies, Inc. is an authorized Federal Contractor, Cage Code 1WP39, under GSA schedule.  Ironhawk Technologies, Inc. provides custom software development for application services, utility, information assurance, cyber security, and communication software under term and/or perpetual software licenses.  Information Technology Professional Services include systems development, analysis, security, and data conversion. 


Ironhawk offers 5GL SmartCIDS™ on the SmartSync® DCS Enterprise Platform™, and dzAudit to the USA government through the GSA Federal Contract Schedule, or through ESI-CHESS Blanket Purchase Agreement, DoD/ESI Contract number W91QUZ-11-A-0003. 



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GSA Federal Contract Schedule - Ironhawk
GSA Federal Contract Schedule - Ironhawk
GSA Federal Contract Schedule - Ironhawk

On Point Cyber is the authorized  U.S. distributor of  5GL SmartCIDS™.

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