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Alec Bierbauer



SME UAV/Robotics/Autonomous Technologies


Alec Bierbauer is a highly accomplished technology integration, counter terrorism and counterintelligence professional with more than 30 years of experience.  He has vast U.S. Government and industry experience conducting and managing unique special military and intelligence operations worldwide under complex conditions. Alec led programs and operations that changed the way special intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and engagement capabilities are used in combat and other than combat environments. 

Alec has extensive experience developing cooperation and synergies between international governments, industries, and academic entities.  During his government service with the CIA, Alec designed, implemented, and managed complex, multi-faceted and sensitive intelligence collection programs in response to a US National Security Council directive and multi-national government interests.


During his time supporting the Department of Defense, Alec was responsible for working with military service RDT&E entities and national labs to advance the development and field experimentation of emerging technologies.  These included a wide array of autonomous systems as well as the tactics, techniques, and procedures for their implementation.


Alec’s post government service includes the design and implementation of emerging technologies in non-theater of war environments.  He is routinely called upon by government and industry partners to advise and assist with the development and operational use of new technologies and systems.

Alec also served as a Staffer to the US Senate Armed Services Committee and as a Counterintelligence Special Agent in the US Army.  While he currently calls Huntsville Alabama home, he has lived, worked, or visited in 56 countries.


As of June 2020, Alec is working the following relevant projects and customers with no expected COIs:

  • SME advisor to US Army Futures Command and USASOC 160th SOAR on Artificial Intelligence and automation for the Gray Eagle and the Hyper Enabled Operator program


  • Technical due diligence for a New York based Venture Capital group with $1.2b under management

  • SME advisor to US Army G2 and NAVAIR’s Tecnology Experimentation Center (TEC) for unmanned systems

  • Former Program Manager and founder of the CIA’s “Predator Hellfire Program “

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