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A Passion for Building!

"From New Markets for Great Technologies through System & Software Design"
On Point Cyber Marketing and Business Development
Business Development &
Market Penetration

On Point Cyber is not a lobby group, IT shop or access provider.  We are a results-oriented technology integration company that utilizes a confluence of skill sets, background experience and approaches to perform at a level well above market expectations.  Our rapid business development capabilities, value-added marketing strategies and proven distribution channels accelerate clients’ business opportunities while reducing capital risk.

Technical Servises On Point Cyber
Technical Services

Our technical services cover a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines, to include research, development, testing and evaluation for unmanned, robotic and related autonomous technologies, network/software architecture, engineering, network attack and defense, digital forensics, cyber investigation and criminology, information assurance, enterprise security management, and proficiency in the programming languages from 1960 to present. 

We use our technical capabilities to build, assess, develop, integrate, manage, audit and test on a project by project basis. 

Value Added Differential

Our team and the On Point Network of professionals commits to the long-term viability of your strategic and project plans in terms of effects, and achieving direct and sustained approaches to act with and through others to achieve goals, while enabling partners to do more for themselves.

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