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Technical Capabilities

Our technical experts have deep scientific, strategic, and operational understanding of information technology and autonomous systems, and the experience to filter the value of technologies for government, critical infrastructure, and commercial interests.  Expertise includes many engineering accomplishments, developing cooperation and synergies between international governments, industries, and academic entities, and the design and implementation of emerging technologies for US military and National Labs,

Disciplines include SME for UAV unmanned autonomous technology development and operational use, network/software architecture, engineering, network attack and defense, digital forensics, cyber investigation and criminology, information assurance, enterprise security management, and five decades of programming language proficiency.    

Our technical expertise is diverse, spanning the gamut from design and implementation of emerging autonomous technologies, information assurance, digital investigation and forensics on large-scale networks, to lectures on digital investigation and security, published books and articles, and even founding the CIA’s "Predator Hellfire Program."

​Our engineering focus is on design and implementation of emerging technologies with the development and operational use of autonomous and AI technologies and systems, consumer mobile apps, rapid app prototyping, pro-level specialized apps, privacy and compliance, and enterprise app development. 


Capabilities includes a wide array of autonomous systems as well as the tactics, techniques, and procedures for their implementation, creating large-scale and widely deployed tailored commercial systems using vast expertise in mobile, embedded, and Web projects, with an emphasis on products that enhance privacy and the ability to communicate across a wide variety of networks and device types.

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