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After successful collaboration on high-risk security and counter terrorism projects abroad, executive personnel founded On Point Cyber in 2012, focusing on establishing government to government, business to government, and business-to-business relationships to address gaps, and develop solutions, in cyber technologies in support of government, and commercial interests.  






On Point Cyber attributes operational success to our organic and transparent business approach.  We believe that business is personal, ethics are critical, and that companies have a duty to contribute to the communities that support them.  Our goal is to profit, not at the expense of others, but by teaming with them while exploring future developments.


A primary commitment of ours, in light of significant advanced and adaptive cyber threats posed by unfriendly countries and satellite-sponsored nations, is the protection of personal, social, consumer, commercial, government, critical infrastructure, and national defense networks, because we never want to experience the dangerous and catastrophic consequences of failure.  We remain on point, putting security first, as we develop or co-develop new technologies and applications that we secure with the most contemporary and proven cyber solutions, as those new technologies emerge. 


Ultimately, the OPC mission is to identify or engineer that technology or product with the potential to change positively how we exist through computers, contributing to a safer, freer, and more competent and manageable experience – a world where machines protect and enhance life.



On Point Cyber listens to, and collaborates with government, and commercial communities to develop a real understanding of their technological needs.  We introduce new and emerging technology solutions to evolving information technology challenges.  Our technical experts have deep scientific, strategic, and operational understanding of information technology, and the experience to filter the value of new technologies and/or engineer solutions for government, critical infrastructure, and commercial entities.



Evaluate & Deliver


On Point Cyber understands the many challenges inherent with introducing a new technology or product to markets, in terms of perceptions, performance, and sustainability.  It is the vision of our customers that defines compelling and cutting edge.  We listen well, so we can engineer that technology or introduce them to a thoroughly vetted emerging technology that performs to expectations.

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