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Human Capital Built from Trust, Integrity & Performance

We leverage the human capital in our network to secure, protect and grow the business interests of clients in the public, private, military and government sectors.


The expertise within our network encompasses information technology, equipment, UAV and robotic autonomous technologies, real estate and air space, facilities development, strategic and program design, risk analysis and mitigation, training, emergency planning and response, business-to-business and business-to-military facilitation, atmospherics and immersion, logistics, communications, and Armed Services support. 


The On Point Network is as diverse as the clients we serve, bringing a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural approach and awareness that contributes to the highest standards of performance.  Our professionals present a vast array of past performance that spans the equivalent of hundreds of years of service in private, government, military, and Foreign Service sectors.  


Because of experience and remarkable resourcefulness, those in our network have accomplished things that others could not, and sometimes at great personal risk.  The sum of our knowledge is the collective force behind the quality we deliver.  Professional disciplines include information technology, information assurance, network/systems architecture, software engineering, digital forensics, intelligence, administration, logistics, procurement, air services, recruitment, leadership, facility management, communications, technical writing, weapon systems, doctrine, strategy, policy, intelligence, education and training, warfare, security and investigation.


Our global network of professionals commits to the long-term viability of your strategic and project plans in terms of effects, and achieving indirect and sustained approaches to act with and through others to achieve goals, while enabling partners to do more for them.


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