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"An average of 48% of our data is spent on ads."

                                                                                                           Study by Enders Analysis, 04/2016

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For Network Providers

Stop ad data from entering your network

Free up bandwidth

Reduce ISP data consumption

Monetize advertising

  (i.e., Commission, Affiliate Program)

A  faster, better end user experience

Manage Ad Data Access

Boost - Bandwidth or Ad Revenue

Stop unauthorized ad data from entering the network, or allow those that pay, to play.

Control Whats Served

Boost - 24/7 Intelligence

Boost automatically identifies ad data and stops it from entering the network. 

Boost - Operational Savings

Stop unauthorized ads at the network level. 

Minimum net effects include 25%  bandwidth savings and reduced inbound ISP data consumption with expanded coverage and a faster network.

Boost - Multimedia Experience

End users experience faster network speeds, better coverage, and an ad free mutlimedia experience.

Boost - Configuration

All end user devices provisioned through the network.  Configure according to operational and ad revenue strategies.

Boost - Operation

Network provider technical personnel use the Boost dashboard to control what ads are stopped and what ads are allowed into  their network.

Boost Dashboard image

License & Service Support:  Licensing and service support fees are a fraction of the operational savings experienced by network providers using Boost.

Operational Expenses:  Boost is a cloud-based app hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services).   Network providers are billed at cost for AWS and the cost per provider decreases as pooled data volume increases.

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