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"An average of 48% of our data is spent on ads."
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September 23, 2021

"Boost is a DNS based solution that was tested in our Roshan Network successfully.  Bandwidth is scarce in Afghanistan especially at Access Level (Mainly Radio) and very expensive at Upstream ISP level.

Boost blocked advertisements that can sometimes reach more than 50% of Total HTTP/HTTPS browsing data and is a life saver for Operators like us.  Plus, it makes for happy customers who use their data and financial resources to access only the content they want without all that external pollution."

Khaled Bouzid | IP&Transport Director | Technology




Afghanistan  |  Tajikistan  |  Burundi

For Network Providers

Boost will do the rest!

 Answer 2 Questions
  1. What data should not enter your network?
  2. Why stop that data from entering the network?

Boost Defined

Boost transforms a network from a 2-lane road to a 10-lane freeway.  Customers can grow using existing infrastructure, attracting more end users with a better experience, while average cost per unit decreases as output increases. 

Boost is not a web filtering or DPI technology, but falls into a class of its own. 


Boost gives network providers control over what data enters their network and leverage to monetize third party use of their network.

Boost is an internet tracker management solution, which acts as a DNS sinkhole mechanism that scales to any number of clients. 

Boost blocks upstream data before it enters a network to free up bandwidth, speed up transmission, and gives end users a better  experience.

The Boost automated content management engine intelligently adds domain and sub domain addresses to contextual databases. 


​Boost can stop any unwanted data from entering a network when allowed under statutory or legislative requirement, law or regulation. 


For example,  stop inappropriate content from entering a children’s network,  remove ad data (48% of bandwidth), VPNs, pornography, gambling or whatever the network provider requests.

Technical Services

Boost serves the upstream feed into a customer network per  specifications.

Using a cloud-based framework, we can scale up and down the number of servers transparently to support your high-performance specifications. 

Boost runs at speeds far greater than existing open source, business, or home concepts because of the highly optimized aspects of the DNS queries that we monitor and assess.

Security layered within and on top of the database create an enterprise-level security model so we can securely deliver data to your network.

Boost uses a distributed high-availability architecture to access its database and ensure robust reliability, while we audit and refine performance.

An integrated proxy content caching solution further reduces network upstream data consumption, and does not interfere with existing network caching appliances.

Manage Data Content

Boost - Bandwidth

Providers control what data can or cannot enter their network.


Boost - Provider Revenue

Stop third party data from clogging up network bandwidth, or allow those that pay, to play.

(i.e.: Commissions, Affiliate Program, PPC, Infrastructure Surcharge)

Boost - Growth & Profit

"Economies of Scale" - Grow more users and data revenue using existing network at a lower cost per unit.

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Boost - Customer Revenue

Capitalize on the end users enhanced Quality of Experience.

(i.e.: Subscriptions, data plans, surcharges, fees)

Control Whats Served

Boost - 24/7 Intelligence

Boost automatic content management identifies data and stops it from entering the network. 

Boost - Operational Savings

Stop unauthorized data from entering the network. 

Bandwidth savings, growth using existing infrastructure, expanded coverage and a faster network.

Boost - Customer Experience

End users experience faster network speeds and better coverage.  If provider blocks ad data user will get more multimedia viewing time per data cost  ---  an economic incentive to subscribe.

Boost - Configuration

All end user devices provisioned through the network.  Configure according to operational and revenue strategies.

Boost - Operation

Customers identify the data they want eliminated from their network and OPC technical rapidly configures Boost to control what data is eliminated or allowed into the network.  The Business Intelligence dashboard gives customers 24/7 Boost performance metrics.

Boost Dashboard image

License, Cloud Service & Service Support:  Licensing, cloud service, and service support fees are a fraction of the  savings experienced by network providers using Boost.  Billing totals vary based on the volume of data served to the customer.

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