"An average of 48% of our data is spent on ads."

                                                                                                           Study by Enders Analysis, 04/2016

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For Network Providers

Monetize Ad Networks

Boost - Ad Revenue

Stop unauthorized advertisements at the network level, and allow those that pay, to play.

Control Whats Served

Boost - Operational Savings

Cache and accelerate data in volume.  Stop unauthorized mobile and video ad networks at the network level. 

Minimum net effects include significantly less network bandwidth consumption, reduced inbound ISP data consumption, expanded coverage and a remarkably faster network.

Boost - Multimedia Experience

End users experience faster network speeds, better coverage, and an ad free mutlimedia experience.

Boost - Configuration

All end user devices provisioned through the network.  Configure according to ad revenue and operational strategies.

Boost - Operation

Network provider technical personnel use the Boost dashboard to control what ads are blocked and what ads are allowed into  the network.

License & Service Support:  Licensing and service support fees are a fraction of the ad revenue opportunities available to network providers using Boost.

Operational Expenses:  Boost is a cloud-based app hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services).   On Point Cyber invoices network providers at cost for AWS.  The cost per network provider decreases as pooled data volume increases.

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