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Trial Demonstration

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The free Boost trial demonstration for network providers lasts approximately 10 days, and includes ad content management plus additional content management as required by the network provider, and permitted by law.


In order to provide the best solution to address network overload capacity issues Boost implementation is on cloud infrastructure.

Testing is scalable from multiple end user devices through network wide integration, per network provider preferences.  There is no limit to the number of end user devices connected for testing.  The application uses elastic/cluster architecture and adds more proxy servers based on volume.

The network provider agrees to aggregate and share base line data on network traffic and traffic content to verify the effects of Boost on data reduction, bandwidth, traffic and content.  At the onset of testing, they will receive our Business Intelligence dashboard to monitor 24/7 Boost performance metrics.  Data reduction into the network providers pipeline is easily measured by throttling Boost data content management on and off.



Content Management Elements

  • The Boost cloud based infrastructure is fully integrated with the proxy server acting as the DNS Server

  • On Point Cyber provides the network provider with an IP address to be entered into the APN’s DNS

  • At the core, Boost stops or allows data into the network per network provider preferences

  • Based on their data management requirements, network providers can stop or allow content to run into their network, to improve traffic and/or monetize third party and commercial use of their network

  • Boost will begin stopping a small percentage of content related data, and as the demo progresses the percentage will increase as Boost continues to learn what content data is attempting to enter the network

Content Caching Elements

  • On Point Cyber provides the network provider with a proxy server IP address. 

  • The network provider implements the proxy server IP address as part of their APN

  • On Point Cyber implements the proxy content caching solution

  • All end user devices receive data that enters the network from our proxy servers

  • The content caching system does not interfere with existing network caching appliances provided by companies such as Google or Netflix

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