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Daniel S. Leitner



Chief Business Officer


Daniel Leitner, a security and investigations professional, has years of experience with a focus on corporate investigations, insurance fraud, high-risk surveillance, counter terrorism, protection, and various psychological and intelligence specialties.  A licensed investigator in the State of California since 1992, he has developed and taught investigator-training courses on surveillance, reporting, subrogation, evidence preparation, chain of custody, and interview/statement methodologies. 


In 1994, Dan became the director of security and counter terrorism for a natural gas pipeline construction project in the Sahara Desert.  Since, Dan has worked with international corporations, law enforcement, and militaries.  Dan created programs in Africa and Asia protecting the United Nations, multi-national corporations, embassies, and Muslims in high-risk countries, including embedding with Mujahedeen in Afghanistan. 


Based on successful application in the field, Dan created “Cultural Logic for Asymmetrical Warfare,” programs designed to improve security and military operability by using Islamic resources to develop collaborative pacification and reduce terrorist activities. 


More recently, he assumed CEO duties for a distressed medium sized corporation that provided physical security contracting in Afghanistan.  Dan branded the company under a new name, and expanded service lines and capabilities to include third party logistics, communications and strategic consulting.  Definitive cost analysis and predictive modeling led to the restructuring of personnel and procedures to achieve a significant profit margin. 


In 2012, understanding the threats associated with cyber warfare, Dan shifted his focus to On Point Cyber, Inc., with hopes of contributing positively to the cyber security of the United States, and to change positively how we exist through computers, contributing to a safer, freer, and more competent and manageable cyber experience.  Dan and Tom Boyle co-founded On Point Cyber, Inc.

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