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Transport Acceleration Technology for Cellular Networks

ODEN-T is for smart phones.

Deployment of ODEN-T requires no capital expense by the telecom, and end users pay service costs. 


The ODEN-T unique mobile data compression and transport acceleration technology reduces the effect of downlink latency at the cellular handset,  and significantly improves RF (Radio Frequency) spectral efficiency. 


A telecom's greatest cost, RF spectrum, becomes a whole lot more manageable with ODEN-T

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Return on Investment includes an average RF bandwidth savings of 40 percent, and increased market share through enhanced cellular customer Quality of Experience.

ODEN-T is effective in improving the downlink speed and efficiency of the RF spectrum for mobile data transfer on wireless networks by utilizing compression and TCP acceleration techniques.  Flexibility of operation achieved through the ability to throttle the amount of compression provided by ODEN-T during periods of reduced or peak usage.


ODEN-T Benefits

ODEN-T is hosted on a proxy server at the TELECOM site or on the cloud.  Configuring the cellular handset for ODEN-T is easily completed through "Over the Air" automation.  

ODEN-T is the only cellular data compression and transport technology that offers increased performance across 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.  This technology is in operation today providing wireless service providers around the globe with important competitive advantages.

On Point Cyber is a TIMMES, Inc. authorized distributor of ODEN-T


Contact On Point Cyber for additional information.

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